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Bearing History
The concept of bearings dates back to "rolling bodies", such as the round timbers used by Egyptians during the time of the pharaohs.
With rolling bodies :
speed of displacement was increased,
friction problems were resolved,
tasks were made less difficult.
Although the bearing owes a lot to the round timbers, it was also largely inspired by the wheel. The two concepts are united by the principle of rotation, both rotating around a shaft. The problem to be resolved was therefore as follows: reduce friction by rotation while increasing speed.

Leonardo de Vinci was the first to design a solution to this problem. The bearing's ancestor was born…but only on paper !!!

The actual historical turning point of the bearing was therefore the Industrial Revolution. The bearing was adapted to suit its environment (hence the different types of bearings) and it contributed to technological advances, progress in industry and hence our way of life.
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  Technical Support  
1. Bearing History
2. Types of Bearings
3. Types of loads
5. Clearance
6. Bearing Tolerance
7. Lubrication
8. Bearing Storage
9. Mounting and Dismounting
10. Bearing Failures
11. Prefix and Suffix Interchange
11. Allowable Speed
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