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orm a film of oil on the rolling and sliding surfaces to prevent metal parts from making direct contact with each other. Lubrication provides the following effects.
1. Reduces friction and wear
2. Discharges friction heat
3. Extends bearing life
4. Prevents rust
5. Prevents foreign material from getting inside
In order to get the most from the lubricant, you must choose a lubricant and lubrication method that suits your usage conditions, and must make use of sealing devices for preventing dirt from getting in and lubricant from leaking out.
Grease Lubrication
Grease is widely used because it is easy to handle, it facilitates sealing device design, and is the most economical lubricant. Lubrication methods include sealed bearings where the grease is sealed inside the bearing in advance, and the method of filling an open bearing and housing with grease, and replenishing or replacing the grease at fixed intervals.
1. Types of grease
Grease is hardened to a semi-solid by adding thickener to base oil (mineral oil or synthetic fluid), and then augmented by additives such as oxidation stabilizers, extreme-pressure additives and rustpreventive agents.

The nature of the grease therefore varies according to the types and combinations. An example is given in Table 12.1.
Table 12.1 Grease Types and Characteristics Click for Table
Oil Lubrication
Along with facilitating lubrication of rolling and sliding parts inside the bearing, oil lubrication functions to eliminate heat produced from inside and outside the bearing. There are various methods of providing oil lubrication. The main ones are given in Table 12.5.
Table 12.5 Oil Lubrication Method Click for Table
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1. Bearing History
2. Types of Bearings
3. Types of loads
5. Clearance
6. Bearing Tolerance
7. Lubrication
8. Bearing Storage
9. Mounting and Dismounting
10. Bearing Failures
11. Prefix and Suffix Interchange
11. Allowable Speed
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