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 SN Series
SN housings are made by machine castings to grade ASTM-A48 class NO-30A or FG-210 grade; all the surface and edges are free from high/low spots appearing in straight plane/line; no casting burrs and blow holes; centre lines marking for easy and speedy alignment; in built dimples for easy location of oil/grease nipples, installation of vibration/temperature sensors or monitoring devices, easy selection for drainage outlet, locating pins for permanent positioning/alignment; flat machined base for better rigidity; bottom center rib carries higher load; screw driver gap at center height for easy split of housing, and special exterior design for greater mechanical strength. All SN series housings have same serial code marked on the upper & lower parts of the housing to prevent mixing of caps and also to provide absolute perfect fit to the bearing.
  Following series and sizes are available under SN :
  AXL SN 500 series   1200EK, 2200EK, 22200EK bearing with adapter sleeve
  AXL SN 600 Series   1300EK, 2300EK, 22300EK bearing with adapter sleeve
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