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Technical Support
Prefix and Suffix Interchange
  One Non-Contact seal   LB   RZ   RSD   N/A   V
  Two Non-Contact seals   LLB   2RZ   1RSD   N/A   VV
  One Contact seal   LU   RS1   RSR   P   DU
  Two Contact seal   LLU   2RS1   2RSR   PP   DDU
  One Shields   Z   Z   Z   D   Z
  Two Shields   ZZ   ZZ   2Z   DD   ZZ
  One Snap Ring   NR   NR   NR   G   NR
  Precision Classes          
  AB E C 3   P6   P6   P6   M*   P A3
  AB E C 5   P5   P5   P5   V*   P5, PA5
  AB E C 7   P4   P4   P4   MM*   P4, PA7
  AB E C 9   P2   PA9A   P2   MMX*   P2, PA7
  Spherical Features          
  Tapered Bore   K   K   K   K   K
  Oil Groove   D1   W33   S   W33   E4
  Shaker Screens   U AVS   CACM2/W502   F80   W800   U-15-VS
  Contact Angles          
  15 deg   C   C   C   2*   C
  30 deg   NO SYMBOL   AC   E(25deg)   3=(25deg)   A, (A5=25deg)
  40 deg   B   B   B   WN   B
  Extra Light   GL   G0   U0   UX   C2
  Light   GN   GA   UL   UL   L, C7
  Medium   GM   GB   UM   UM   M, C8
  Heavy   GH   GC     UH   H, C9
  Phenolic   T1   TP   TA, TB, TH,
  CR   T
  Pressed Brass   Y   Y   MP   NO SYMBOL   Y
  Polyamide   T2   TN, P   TN   PRB/PRC   TY
  Bronze   L1   M   M, MP   MBR   CAM, M
  Nylon   T2   TN9   T, TV   CF   TY
  Pressed Steel   J   J   J   C, CD   W
Internal Modification Code Cage Code Seal Shield Code Raceaway Configuration Code Duplex Arrangement Code Internal Clearance / preload Code Tolerance Code Lubrication Code
U: L1: LLB: K: DB: C2: P6: 2A:
Internationally interchangeable tapered roller bearings High Strength machine brass cage Sythetic rubber seal (Non-contact type) Tapered inner ring bore, standared tapered ratio 1:12 Back to back arrangement Internal clearance less than normal JIS Class 6 Shell Alvania 2 grease
R: F1: LLU: K30: DF: (CN): P5: 3A:
Non-Internationally interchangeable tapered roller bearings Machined carbon steel cage Synthetic rubber seal (contact type) Tapered inner ring bore, standard taper ratio 1:30 Face to face arrangement Normal Clearance JIS Class 5 Shell Alvania 3 grease
ST: G1: LLH: N: DT: C3: P4: /8A:
Low torque tapered roller bearings High Strength machined brass rivet less cage w/square bolt Synthetic rubber seal (low-torque type) Snap ring groove Tandem arrangement Internal Clearance greater than normal JIS Class 4 Shell Alavania EP2 grease
HT: G2: ZZ: NR: D2: C4: P2: 5k:
High Axial load use cylindrical roller bearings  Pin type cage Steel shield Snap ring groove with snap ring Two matched paired bearings Internal clearance greater than C3 JIS Class 2 MULTEMPSRL
  J:   D: G: C5: 2:00 LX11:
  Pressed steel cage   Lubrication hole/lubrication groove Flush ground Internal clearance greater than C4 Inch series tapered roller bearing (ABMA Class 2) Barierta JFE552
  T2:     a: CM: 3:00 LP03:
  Plastic mold cage     Spacer (a =spacer's standard width dimensions) Radial internal clearance for electric motor use Inch series tapered roller bearing (ABMA Class 3) Solid grease (for use with solid grease bearings)
          GL: 0:00  
          Light preload Inch series tapered roller bearing (ABMA Class 0)  
          GN: 0:00  
          Normal preload Inch series tapered roller bearing (ABMA Class 00)  
          Medium preload    
          Heavy preload    
Supplementary Prefix code Special Application / material/ heat treatment
4T 4 T Tapered roller bearings
ET E T Tapered roller bearings
E Carburized alloy steel bearings
F Stainless steel Bearings
HL HL (High lubrication) roller bearings
TS2 Dimension stabilised bearing for high temperature use (to 160 deg C)
TS3 Dimension stabilised bearing for high temperature use (to 200 deg C)
TS4 Dimension stabilised bearing for high temperature use (to 250 deg C)
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  Technical Support  
1. Bearing History
2. Types of Bearings
3. Types of loads
5. Clearance
6. Bearing Tolerance
7. Lubrication
8. Bearing Storage
9. Mounting and Dismounting
10. Bearing Failures
11. Prefix and Suffix Interchange
11. Allowable Speed
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